At Inspirations we are extremely fortunate to have a purely creative space which the children can access in small groups, Reggio Emilia inspired nurseries call this space an atelier, we refer to it as our art room. This room is full of resources especially chosen to aid in the encouragement and support of children’s natural instinctive sense to create and be creative.  Our qualified artist or Ateliersita provides many different forms of media such as paints, charcoal, clay, papier mache, and a light box to support and enhance the children’s current interest. Interests such as volcanos, space and pirates have been explored in a methodical and unrushed manner allowing the children space and time to observe, gather knowledge and then interpret their findings into artistic concepts, constantly supported by the Atelierista as she invites the children to experiment with and draw conclusions from their artistic and creative thoughts and emotions. Music and movement combine to further enhance the children’s creative learning adventure. Children naturally love the Atelier and have created some beautiful thought-provoking pieces of art, some of which can be seen in our ‘gallery’ in the Nursery’s entrance.