Another amazing feature at Inspirations is our Yurt.  A yurt is a non-permanent structure used primarily by the Mongolians as a home.  Our yurt has in fact been constructed in Mongolia and is built using the same traditional methods which includes the wonderful art design around the door frame.  As our children in this space are primarily outdoor learners using our woodland for Forest School sessions, the outside classroom and garden spaces, the Yurt provides a warm cosy environment in adverse weather.  Its structure internally has beautiful lattice woodwork around the walls and a conical shaped celling with a window to provide natural light. In the winter months the interior is magically lit up with twinkling lights there are snug warm blankets, and lots of cosy areas for reading and writing.  The Yurt provides the children with a unique alternative indoor space which they would not have access to anywhere else locally. It is a real asset and feature of what we have to offer here at Inspirations.